Contribution from Left

Nov 17 - On this day in 2008, an article titled "How to Fire Secretary of State Hillary Clinton" was published on the left-leaning Media Matters website. This piece by Eric Boehlert came out before she was even offered the position.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Organizer in Chief

Like everyone else, I heard the news about the Rolling Stone article that lead to Obama summoning General McChrystal to the White House, which ultimately led to his resignation. Perhaps, unlike everyone else, I was not surprised by much of this.

I am certainly not in favor of airing out our dirty laundry in public. I do think these soldiers should have known better than to trust saying such off-color things with someone that is not a brother in arms. We don’t know if such comments were supposed to be off the record, but our mainstream media and pop culture industry has never been our military’s greatest fans. The most puzzling and disappointing things to me were that Rolling Stone magazine actually had someone embedded with our troops in Afghanistan and that McChrystal actually voted for Obama! As for the rest of it, is it really a story that soldiers use foul language? We have audio of Joe Biden using foul language in celebration of the health care scam. Rahm Emanuel is notorious for his filthy mouth. Is it really shocking that our active duty soldiers do not hold this far left liberal administration in high esteem? Heck, their approval rating among civilians, many of who are completely on the dole, is south of 25%!

General McChrystal has been dutifully serving this country for most of his life. He has spent almost the last decade engaged in war and has spent a matter of months WITH his family over that timeframe. The first thing that came to my mind when this story broke was how Obama dithered over McChrystal’s request for more troops last year. Obama was more concerned with the political consequences than the General’s combat needs. He ultimately took four months to respond and shortchanged the General on the troops. So, I was not surprised with McChrystal's lack of love for the big (O)rganizer.

Unfortunately, I was on an airplane while the U.S. advanced by beating Algeria 1-0 in the World Cup and Obama was announcing that General David Petraeus, Central Command Leader, would be taking McChrystal’s place. If anyone is capable of taking over in Afghanistan, General Petraeus is the first name that comes to mind. I was quite surprised that (O)’s ego allowed him to go with Bush’s guy, but I am glad the soldiers have been given a proven leader. I just wish the Organizer in Chief was as quick to react to the Oil Spill Crisis or in protecting our southern border, as he was in defending his fragile ego. Now that Obama has called up General Petraeus, I wonder if or any other Democrat support groups will be re-running more “General Betray Us” ads in the New York Times?


Contribution from Right

Nov 17 - On this day in 1974, President Ford visits Japan, which was the first visit to that country by an American President.