Contribution from Left

Nov 17 - On this day in 2008, an article titled "How to Fire Secretary of State Hillary Clinton" was published on the left-leaning Media Matters website. This piece by Eric Boehlert came out before she was even offered the position.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wiped Out

It has been quite some time since my last post. The laptop I used for all of my research and posting crashed, everything was wiped out and there was very little backed up. This was a major disruption, but I now have a new laptop and enough pieces back together to move onward.

That is as good of a segue as any… Speaking of wiped out, how about them Democrats? It is funny how the word “historic” is not getting thrown at you every which way like it did in 2008. This past election was very historic indeed. In case you lost count, Republicans picked up 60 seats in the House, with 7 still pending; 5 Senate seats, with 1 still pending, and 5 Governor races, with two still pending. Bringing the totals to 239 House Seats, 46 Senate Seats and 29 Governorships.

As great as those results are, there should be equal or more excitement about the statewide races throughout the country. Republicans made historic gains in State Legislatures of more than 675 seats, which dramatically surpasses the gains in 1994. The chamber switches are all Democratic to Republican, except for Montana where it was tied and is now Republican, and Oregon which was Democratic and is now tied. If you drill down further in these races and the national ones there is even better news. There seems to be a whole crop of New Republicans, which were heavily influenced, if not born from, the Tea Party movement. This will translate into a more conservative Constitutional form of government at every level. The state and local levels of government are extremely important, as they help shape and set the tone for national races.

This was an exciting election. You could feel the energy building up the whole year. I know that I could not wait for the big day. I even carved up a little more time this year to post signs, deliver flyers in the neighborhood and work the local polling station. It's one thing to sit at home and blog, but every freedom-loving American should do as much as they can for the candidate that is most committed to preserving liberty up until the day they cast their vote.

Here is an example of a woman doing her part on Election Day. She is on a little road that doesn't get a ton of traffic, but she felt compelled to remind people to exercise their right to vote. I snapped this picture on my way to work. I have no idea how long she had been out there, but I made sure to thank her for what she was doing for America!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Organizer in Chief

Like everyone else, I heard the news about the Rolling Stone article that lead to Obama summoning General McChrystal to the White House, which ultimately led to his resignation. Perhaps, unlike everyone else, I was not surprised by much of this.

I am certainly not in favor of airing out our dirty laundry in public. I do think these soldiers should have known better than to trust saying such off-color things with someone that is not a brother in arms. We don’t know if such comments were supposed to be off the record, but our mainstream media and pop culture industry has never been our military’s greatest fans. The most puzzling and disappointing things to me were that Rolling Stone magazine actually had someone embedded with our troops in Afghanistan and that McChrystal actually voted for Obama! As for the rest of it, is it really a story that soldiers use foul language? We have audio of Joe Biden using foul language in celebration of the health care scam. Rahm Emanuel is notorious for his filthy mouth. Is it really shocking that our active duty soldiers do not hold this far left liberal administration in high esteem? Heck, their approval rating among civilians, many of who are completely on the dole, is south of 25%!

General McChrystal has been dutifully serving this country for most of his life. He has spent almost the last decade engaged in war and has spent a matter of months WITH his family over that timeframe. The first thing that came to my mind when this story broke was how Obama dithered over McChrystal’s request for more troops last year. Obama was more concerned with the political consequences than the General’s combat needs. He ultimately took four months to respond and shortchanged the General on the troops. So, I was not surprised with McChrystal's lack of love for the big (O)rganizer.

Unfortunately, I was on an airplane while the U.S. advanced by beating Algeria 1-0 in the World Cup and Obama was announcing that General David Petraeus, Central Command Leader, would be taking McChrystal’s place. If anyone is capable of taking over in Afghanistan, General Petraeus is the first name that comes to mind. I was quite surprised that (O)’s ego allowed him to go with Bush’s guy, but I am glad the soldiers have been given a proven leader. I just wish the Organizer in Chief was as quick to react to the Oil Spill Crisis or in protecting our southern border, as he was in defending his fragile ego. Now that Obama has called up General Petraeus, I wonder if or any other Democrat support groups will be re-running more “General Betray Us” ads in the New York Times?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Excuse me, but that is just ludicrous!

As I go about the process of updating the contributions from the left and the right, I generally cringe and smile respectively. However, I had to devote a little more time and commentary on today's contribution from the left.

Of all the blatant falsehoods told by Barack Obama before and after the 2008 election, his comment on this day last year was certainly one of the most ridiculous of the very long list. Until the recent Joe Sestak story and the whopping one month turn around time for a substantive response to the BP incident, we have come to expect the media to just nod up and down politely while Barack drones on or filibusters. However, you would have thought a comment such as, "the United States is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world," would have generated a bit of push back even during the honeymoon period of their ongoing love affair!

Hindsight being 20/20, we see how effective Obama's apology tour has been with the Ft. Hood massacre, the Panty Bomber in Detroit and the most recent attempt to detonate a bomb in Times Square. Of course, we know what each of these terrorists have in common, but we're not supposed to say it. Attorney General Eric Holder even showed us just how far we must go to not offend Muslims, by refusing to acknowledge the Islamic Extremists that have hijacked their faith.

If you are wondering just how ludicrous Obama's claim was last year about the Muslim population in the United States, you don't have to search too long or hard. In fact, if you just Google "Muslim Population in United States" you will find a fairly narrow range of estimates putting their U.S. representation at approximately .2%. Yes, "point 2 percent," as in more than
2 times LESS than 1/2 of a percent! In fact, they only make up approximately 0.7% of the U.S. population. To the right is a very recent survey breaking down the major religions throughout the United States.

As you can see, Muslims are part of the "Other Religions" category, which combined only amount to 4.7% of the U.S. adult population. The Jewish population in our country is nearly three times greater than the Muslims. Heck, there are slightly more Buddhists than Muslims according to this survey.

Besides being patently untrue, what makes Obama's claim so outrageous is the lack of integrity on his part and the media's acceptance. If you attended Yale or Harvard, you might say accepting his comment would require a "willing suspension of disbelief." The rest of us are fine with just calling it a "lie" and the media "shamefully pathetic" for not doing their job.

It always amazes me how the left uses "separation of church and state" when it comes to an actual church or synagogue, unless it is campaign season or the Speaker of the House is trying to get Catholics to push for Amnesty, Health Care or some other leftist cause. The way this administration pussy foots around with Islamic Extremists, while embarrassing the Dali Lama and the Prime Minister of Israel, they seem to only have a certain comfort level with "mosque and state". Pandering to one of the smallest religious constituencies in our country must be another one of this administration's brilliant political strategies. There have been three major Muslim terrorist incidents on our soil since our Apologist in Chief began his reign. Turkey, which was an ally not too long ago, is now aligning with Iran and seems to have just provoked Israel with the flotilla incident earlier this week. So, I guess it seems to be working out fine... if you are an Islamic Terrorist. However, if you are part of the 76% - 78% (depending on which surveys you read) of the U.S. population that happens to be Christian, you might feel pretty offended by Obama's absurd Muslim claim. It will be interesting to see if Christians go with Hope or Faith in November of 2010 and 2012.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama's Katrina

The fawning liberal media has finally gotten around to questioning whether or not the BP crisis is Obama’s Katrina. While it only took 72 hours for the same media to blame the Bush administration for the suffering and delayed response to the Katrina disaster.

Upon comparing the two events, one could only wish this was Obama’s Katrina and told him that back in April. If it were his Katrina, he would have prepared ahead of time for it and immediately moved this to his highest priority.

There are major differences between the two events. Perhaps the greatest difference is the fact that the BP incident was certainly 100% caused by (man) private industry, but the permit & licensing fees and enormous amount of taxes paid by companies in the off shore oil business are to be used , in part, by the federal government to minimize the impact of such disasters. While the media and the administration were wagging their fingers at BP, the federal government was supposed to be implementing the In-situ Burn Plan that has introduced by
NOAA’s Oil Spill – Behavior, Response and Planning report back in 1997. Furthermore, as pointed out on the Mark Levin shown on May 24, 2010, the federal government and specifically the President is given the following three options in the Oil Pollution Act of 1990: 1) Perform cleanup immediately (“federalize” the spill) 2) Monitor the response efforts of the spiller 3) Direct the spiller’s cleanup activities.

Katrina, on the other hand, was mostly a natural disaster that was made worse by what man did not do to fortify the levees, which dates back to 1969, all the way up to the local government’s failure to make and carry out some key decisions immediately before and after the storm moved out of the area. Unlike the federal government’s complete and immediate authority involving oil spills, the federal government is not allowed to intervene in storm disasters (i.e. dispatch FEMA) until the state approves it. On top of that, New Orleans had been squandering the funds that were supposed to be used to fortify the levies for 30 years, they did a horrible job of evacuating the city and waited too long to authorize federal assistance. If you believe local government was not responsible for much of the outcome, just compare the prevention and recovery efforts in Louisiana to Alabama and Mississippi. Click
HERE for a response timeline for both disasters (hit your browser's back button to return to the blog)

As you will see, Bush responded 100% faster, as he was able to take action before the disaster. He also arrived on the scene almost 250% faster and took responsibility for his shortcomings 230% faster than Obama took any responsibility for the federal government’s shortcomings. While it only took 72 hours for the media to begin blaming Bush, it took five weeks for Obama to face any criticism.

There is scant debate whether or not there is a
liberal media bias, even among liberals. Unfortunately, the question many are now faced with is if this administration deliberately chose to politicize rather than federalize this spill. If the answer is no, we are left to wonder if they ever knew their own responsibility or were just unwilling or able to help with this crisis.

Friday, May 21, 2010

"H" is for....

It has just been reported that the Texas Board of Education, which is in the process of finalizing the content of school textbooks, had a battle last night between liberals and conservatives on whether or not to use Barack Obama’s middle name Hussein in their history books. Liberals contested the use of the middle name would be inflammatory, while conservatives consider it just accurate.

It seems we should have a construction worker always flanking Obama, preferably one that did not get one of those “shovel ready” jobs, with a sign similar to the Stop & Go ones used for single lane traffic. Only this one would have Barack Obama (BO) on one side and Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) on the other. Think of how practical that would be for our Teleprompter in Chief, throughout his life. I suppose he would use the BHO side while enrolling in school as a child in Indonesia and the BO side upon moving to Hawaii. He would use BHO side while applying for financial aid to attend college as a foreign student and the BO side while running for State Senator. He could use BHO while attending Rev. Wright’s church and BO while running for U.S. Senator. He could use BHO to be sworn in as U.S. President and BO for his press conferences. Lastly, he would use BHO while apologizing for America and its citizens while bowing to foreign leaders and BO while telling us not to jump to conclusions during the first four attacks by radical Islamists during his first 1 ½ years in office.

Since there seems to be too much controversy over his middle name, we might have to think of another one for him. Rather than get too distracted by a ridiculous argument over whether or not to use someone’s actual middle name while writing history, the Board of Education should just use the facts and move on to focus on improving the quality of our children’s education. The local level of government seems to be just as divided and distracted as our federal government.

In the spirit of trying to stay focused, it is important we keep our pulse on the economy. Every few weeks we seem to get a new spin from this administration on what is really happening. The liberal press is still fine with bobbing their heads up and down and occasionally asking, “How do you spell epancipation?” It is even more disappointing to know the press actually receives labor statistics before the Bureau of Labor releases its data to the public. Yet, they allow Obama to continue distorting the truth about the economy, particularly when it comes to employment figures. The fact that any news agency would even print the words Jobless & Recovery in the same sentence, let alone as an actual phrase just proves how ridiculous this disaster has become. Who in their right mind believes in a Jobless Recovery? Ronald Reagan created 21 million new jobs, what the heck do we call that now?

As you can see, unemployment increased last month. In addition, minorities continue to get clobbered by this administration, as this administration is an equal opportunity unemployer. However, another piece of the economic puzzle, formerly known as the American Dream, is the housing market. You have to be a “right winger” or a “racist” person or organization to focus any attention to the unbelievable rate of foreclosures. Which greedy Wall Street broker or banker is responsible for the Community Reinvestment Act, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act or the Troubled Asset Relief Program? Oh yeah, that would be Congress. If you have the time, it is worth looking at who introduced the bills and how each member voted on them.

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act was enacted in 2007 and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act came in late 2008, which enabled the Troubled Asset Relief Program in 2009. A picture is worth a thousand words, so could you describe the results of these programs any better than this (click on image to enlarge):
Focusing on the economy is not much fun these days. The Dow opened below 10,000 points today after experiencing one of the worst months of May in history. Unemployment is getting worse no matter how many Census workers the administration counts in the figures in any given month. Finally, foreclosures are continuing to occur at an alarming rate. Aside from becoming duly depressed, however, sorting through this information did lead me to one good thing. I think I have a solution to the Barack Obama Texas textbook controversy that will allow him to keep the same initials for his monogrammed cigarette lighter. Since he is the only person in the world that can pull off a Jobless Recovery, they can refer to him as Barack Houdini Obama! Alternatively, since he is overseeing record setting foreclosures in this country, they can refer to him as Barack Homelessness Obama!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tough Tea Party Talk

You have to wonder how today’s media would have covered the Tea Party back in 1773. Perhaps a better question to ponder would be, how the Tea Partiers would have reacted to such hypothetical media coverage…

We are becoming increasingly more aware of what to expect from the left leaning media in our country. However, the contemptuous statements from some Democrat political figures, has become downright disgusting. Former President Clinton said, “ “legitimate” comparisons can be drawn between today’s grass roots anger and resentment toward the government and the right-wing extremism that bubbled up prior to the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City 15 years ago (while he was in office).” More recently, Mayor Bloomberg guessed the Islamic Extremist responsible for the attempted Times Square bombing was someone “that doesn’t like the health care bill or something”, in response to a question from Katie Couric. It was shocking that the ever insightful and probing Couric did not challenge that notion and suggest an actual terrorist! Perhaps, she was too busy wondering what magazines Bloomberg reads when he is not monitoring New Yorkers’ sodium intake levels?

The fact of the matter is that the modern Tea Party members can be considered terrorists…if you are a liberal politician. The Tea Party movement is certainly terrorizing both Democrats and liberal Republicans, as evidenced by the way the 2010 midterm elections are shaping up. The demand for politicians to follow our constitution has literally forced some to resign and others to change their party affiliation. This is precisely the goal of the movement. The fringe benefit has been the further exposing of just how desperate liberals have become.

Independents and moderate Democrats are no longer buying the formulaic Olinsky tactics the far left have been using for decades. For those not familiar, it is the simple method of creating villains and stirring up resentment between social classes. In this instance, you have a true grass roots movement of law-abiding citizens demanding their employees (elected politicians) obey the company policy manual (U.S. Constitution). Olinsky rules simply call for the Tea Party targets to attack the character of the Tea Party members. If it sounds like a third grade school yard approach to you, you’re absolutely right. However, this is fairly effective when 98% of the media uses the same liberal playbook, and a growing percentage of the electorate make voting decisions solely on eight-second media segments.

The Tea Party movement is aptly named, as it stands for lower taxes and it feels the federal government’s increasing power is intolerable. However, it may be most appropriate, as the name itself forces people to reflect on American history. As one patriot stated, “There is little that is more important for an American citizen to know than the history and traditions of his country and [it] is the means by which a nation establishes its sense of identity and purpose.” Which patriot said that… Rush Limbaugh….Sarah Palin….Glenn Beck…??? No, that would be President John F. Kennedy in an article he wrote in 1962, for American Heritage magazine, while in the White House. He also went on to say, “A knowledge of history is, above all, a means of responsibility – of responsibility to the past and of responsibility to the future … of responsibility to those who came before us and struggled and sacrificed to pass on to us our precious inheritance of freedom … and of responsibility to those who will come after us and to whom we must pass on that inheritance with what new strength and substance it is within our power to add.”

Considering JFK’s respect for American history, his support for tax cuts, not to mention pushing NASA to the moon, you wonder if today’s Democratic party would even be seen in public with their former Prince of America’s Royal Family. I’m afraid the feeling could be mutual. You never know, there might just be one more member of the Tea Party from Massachusetts to add authenticity, if he were alive today!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Transocean Tragedy

It troubles me to admit my first thoughts after my prayers going out to the rig operators involved in the Transocean accident and their families. Unfortunately, I could not help thinking of Rham Emanuel’s infamous quote, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” I also can’t shake Obama’s lamenting that Americans use a disproportionate amount of energy per capita than the rest of the world. Finally, I thought of what a field day the far left environmentalists would have with this too.

Now, I sit here and hope this administration does not make a travesty of this tragedy. I hope we don’t have to suffer through another weak eulogy or moment of recognition from our tearless leader. If it is anything like his effort to turn lemons into lemonade with the recent coal mining tragedy in West Virginia, I’d rather him leave the prayer and condolences to those of us who really do care.

Obama, like many of the environmentalists and left wing politicians, simply do not appreciate the amount of work that goes into extracting oil and coal, which we absolutely need to survive as a civil society. Not to mention compete with the rest of the world. I have a grandfather that worked in the coal mines in France in the 1940s. I could not believe the amount of work they did and how dangerous it was for them. Back then they worked in about a three to four foot space and actually had to detonate

sticks of dynamite themselves before piling the coal into little wagons. Their wages were determined by the amount of coal they were able to haul out of the mine.

I have a cousin that used to work on oil rigs until the physical demands and his aging body were no longer a good match for the career. He gave me a great picture of himself out on the rig where he is covered in mud, hanging onto a chain about as thick as our tax code and as long as a stack of one dollar bills contributed to Obama by Goldman Sachs (that would be over $1 million, which is over 358 feet)! He was smiling in the picture and enjoyed the work, but he would never deny that it was a very physically demanding and dangerous job. Not to mention the weeks or months at a time that were spent away from family and friends. It is important for all of us to consider this every now and then when we turn on our lights or fill up our gas tanks. These resources are coming from somewhere, someone is working hard to get them to us and windmills and solar panels are a long way from meeting our needs.

When this administration goes for the throat of the oil industry armed with this new crisis, as they undoubtedly will, you have to ask if we really want to lose the remaining ability to drill for oil on and off our shores. The environmentalists will certainly be demanding the administration further restrict drilling, but do they think drilling will be done elsewhere with more safety and environmental regulation? That would only result in less control, as the global demand will require the extraction of oil elsewhere.

I suggest we pray for the lost crewmembers and their families. I also think we should support our domestic oil industry, especially through this crisis. I hope we determine exactly what went wrong, we are able to prevent it from happening again and there is proper penalty and punishment if there was a violation of law or safety requirements. However, I do not want to see this administration and their liberal media lap dogs make our energy industry their latest villain in their next round of populace propaganda. If it were not for the work of men like those on the Transocean rig or the West Virginia coalminers, our politicians could not fly to global warming conferences or cover the country begging for campaign contributions, and the left wing media would not have the energy to criticize this vital industry and all of its hard working Americans.

Contribution from Right

Nov 17 - On this day in 1974, President Ford visits Japan, which was the first visit to that country by an American President.